Effective at 12:01am 01/01/2018

Pee Dee-WLA Guest and Membership Policy
​Wildlife Action is a private nonprofit 501 c(3) tax exempt conservation organization
foundation. Pee Dee Wildlife Action Chapter range access is limited to WLA members current
with their local annual Park Fees and their guests (only special events are open to the public).
Guests should be friends or relatives. Sponsoring member must be a Pee Dee Wildlife
Action RSO​ and must be present with the guest(s). Guests should be of good character such that
they would be desirable candidates for future membership if circumstances permit.
Guests must be properly signed in and receive the applicable range Safety Briefing by the
RSO prior to using the facility. Guests are the responsibility of the sponsoring RSO.
Since range operation requires funding for fixed costs as well as costs associated with
normal wear and tear, donations are ​appropriate and appreciated.
Guests should be from out of town (greater than 50 miles).

New Members Pee Dee-WLA
The Pee Dee Wildlife Action facilities offer a safe operation with great amenities at
reasonable cost compared to other facilities in the area. It is staffed, operated, and maintained
entirely by volunteers. Membership is a privilege that requires significant responsibility and
New Members should be a current member of the NRA. New members must be willing to
become and maintain NRA Range Safety Officer certification. Membership to the WLA
organization is required in order to become a member of the PDWLA. Current Fees are listed on
the web page and are subject to change.
Chronological steps to become a new member of Pee Dee Chapter Wildlife Action (PDWLA)
1. Inquire if PDWLA openings are available (membership openings may be limited)
2. Must provide 1 letter of recommendation to the PDWLA Board that attests to
the good character & volunteer track record of the candidate. The recommendation
letter must be from a PDWLA member in good standing who will serve as the candidate’s
sponsor for membership.
3. Candidate must hold a valid CWP or submit to a background check. (Background check is
at the discretion of the Board) If a background check is performed, a background check fee
must be paid at this point for the new membership process to continue.
4. Candidate must attend at least one monthly meeting for introduction to the membership and
learning more about PDWLA .
5. Candidate is accepted for membership​ by the Board
6. Candidate becomes a PDWLA member​ after paying the WLA general annual membership
fee, any local Pee Dee Chapter initiation fee in effect, and the local annual Pee Dee
Chapter Park Fee for the calendar year. Hunt Club membership may also ​be an option if
openings are available (additional annual fee required).

New Members Pee Dee-WLA Fee Structure

• Total Fees = WLA membership + Background check fee (for non CWP holder) +

Initiation + Park Fee + Hunt Club Fee (optional)

• Scholarship funds or fee waiver(s) may be possible if candidate expresses hardship

condition to the PDWLA President and funds are available

• New membership is not transferable. Fees or membership costs are not prorated or refundable

Current Members Pee Dee-WLA

• To maintain good standing with all rights and privileges, members must keep WLA
membership and local Pee Dee Park Fee current for the calendar year. Use of the range
facility as a guest is not an option if Park Fee is not paid​. All fees must be paid by
Feb 28th of the calendar year or you can no longer use the range.​ A late​ ​fee
will be assessed if payment is not received by that date
• To maintain good standing with all rights and key privileges, volunteer hours for the
previous calendar year must have met minimum expectations (as set by the PDWLA
Board). Hardship cases are to be presented to the PDWLA President for approval.
• RSO certifications must also be kept current to maintain Park Key privilege.
(Status is tracked in NRA database www.nra.org/training)
• Membership is not transferable. Fees or membership costs are not prorated or refund

WLA Membership Only​

Annual or Life Membership in WLA only is a limited membership option. Supporting the
objectives and beliefs of the organization is greatly appreciated. Unfortunately this membership
category alone does not provide member access to the Pee Dee Chapter’s shooting range.