RSO Training Class Information
The first 2018 RSO training class is scheduled at PDWLA  on Feb 10th. Class will start at 8am in the Training Trailer
and should finish by 5 pm. Cost is $60.00. This includes all NRA training materials, snacks, and a provided lunch. 
Students will be required to successfully pass a comprehensive test at the end of the day and then
electronically complete the NRA credential registration process  before NRA RSO credentials are awarded.  
Cost of credential registration is not included in the course cost.
Although NRA membership is not required for this class, NRA membership is extremely helpful in the timely completion 
of the NRA RSO credential process,  provides a reduced cost for initial credential registration ( and subsequent renewal),  
simplifies PDWLA  RSO credential tracking,  and most importantly shows YOUR PERSONAL SUPPORT for our 2nd Ammendment 
rights with the largest and most successful firearms advocate and firearms related training organization in the world.
RSO Class size is limited...only 12 openings.  Please email Steve Cox (PDWLA - CRSO) at
to reserve your seat and start the class registration process. 
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