Sr. VP Fishing

Roger Burrows

Sr. VP Hunting

Dennis Wade

• Raise Public Awareness to diminishing wildlife habitat
• Effectively secure, protect and manage wildlife habitat
• Protect rivers and wetlands from unnecessary destruction and development
• Work to reduce poaching, trespassing and other illegal and inconsiderate outdoor activities; encourage improved behavior of irresponsible outdoor users
• Educate all people, hunters & non-hunters, that our natural resources belong to everyone & that all should share in the cost & benefits of perpetuating them
• Obtain facts on legitimate issues and bypass emotional causes
• Don't just criticize, offer vital alternatives to problems
• Continue working on valid freshwater and saltwater fishing licenses for all individuals ages 16-65 regardless of the type fishing device used
• Share with our youth the outdoor traditions that we have enjoyed and together work to protect those traditions for future generations
•Support the right to keep and bear arms.

MOTTO: “Local folks solving local problems”
SLOGAN: “To put back more than we take”

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